Play Store

For many Android users, the Google Play Store is just an app market. You see the application you like, install it and continue your day. However, there are lesser-known features in the Play Store that will add to the Android fun.

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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Google Play Store. With these tips, you can try apps, save money, or do more.

Google Play Store tips
Google Play Store, one of the most used applications by Android users, has many features apart from the routine. Thanks to these tips, it becomes possible to use the application in a more useful way.

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Add your favorite apps to wish list
Google Play helps you add the app or movie you want to buy or use someday to your wish list. In this way, you can follow the applications, movies or books on your wish list. Here’s what you need to do:

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First, open the Google Play Store. WarnerMedia and Discovery, the parent companies of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, are as of today Warner Bros. He shared with the public that they had completed their merger under the name Discovery. This new company will host many from HBO to CNN, from Cartoon Network to DC Comics under its umbrella. WarnerMedia and Discovery are now Warner Bros. It will be called Discovery!

Investors in AT&T, the current owner of WarnerMedia, are pushing the company’s content powerhouse to Discovery and Warner Bros. It has today approved a multi-billion dollar deal that will allow it to start a new business under the Discovery name. These new business and streaming services will be able to invest more in original content, improve programming options across global linear pay TV and broadcast channels, and deliver more innovative video experiences and consumer options, the companies said last year as the companies took the first steps in the merger.

Discovery president and CEO David Zaslav is set to lead the new company. Jason Kilar and some other AT&T executives at WarnerMedia announced that they moved to a new leadership team under Zaslav shortly before the deal was finalized. The deal will put Discovery in a position to surpass perhaps even Netflix in the streaming and studio space in the coming days, while allowing AT&T to pay off its massive debt it has been postponing for years.

Under this new umbrella company, HBO Max and Discovery Plus are expected to merge their content directly into a single service. In fact, as AT&T said last year, the deal will combine WarnerMedia’s popular content with Discovery’s pantry, bringing it to life in more than 200 countries and regions.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that this merger has become a major threat to Netflix. Because even HBO Max alone, while trying to expand its market share, can now be a real competitor by adding Discovery and other publications under the roof of WarnerMedia in the future to its library. It may even take over a large piece of the pie one day. But it will also have to watch out for players like Disney Plus, which holds the MCU universe and series like The Lord of the Rings.